Webwhiteboard: An Independent Software Platform for your Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard (IWB) is quickly changing the education landscape in schools and other institutions of learning. With different tools and resources under regular development for the IWB, learning has never been better.

Webwhiteboard is one of the most useful resources for the interactive whiteboard that provides an online software platform for your whiteboard straight from the web browser. The website runs on any IWB, irrespective of the brand as long as the board is connected to the internet. The application is not installed on any of your devices and hosts all your files on the cloud for easy access using your iPad, Chromebook, or other mobile devices.

Webwhiteboard provides most of the tools that come with conventional preinstalled whiteboard software. These include text, shape, and line tools that allow you to draw closed shapes and polygons. An advanced properties toolbar will let you use a variety of thickness tools that will enable you to change the thickness of lines, text, and shapes. You will also find tools that will allow you to group and clone objects infinitely.


The interface also includes an “Insert Image” function that enables you to upload images from your computer or carry out an internet search for images that are available from the internet. Additionally, you can embed YouTube videos easily by using the copy/paste function to embed the video’s URL.

Like most interactive whiteboard software, Webwhiteboard is always incorporating upgrades and adding new features to its resource pool. Some of the expected updates include expansion of the colors database to include more colors, an advanced eraser function, and improved ways of editing thicknesses of lines and pens.

It is also worth mentioning that Webwhiteboard will allow you to choose from different background options for pages on your workspace. You can choose from lined papers, graph papers, or from an assortment of default background colors.

Webwhiteboard also allows you to import your PowerPoint presentation files and other files easily for use on your Webwhiteboard workspace. You can also import whiteboard format files (.iwb) for use in your workspace. However, like most import tools, you will need to work on the files after importing to customize them for your workspace.

Wewhiteboard creates a collaborative environment by storing files exclusively on the cloud and allowing cloning, tagging, and sharing with colleagues. The platform allows you to share links with students and enables them to access published materials and resources on their own. As an admin, you can add students and staff as users either individually in list form or as CSV for large uploads. You can export your .IWB extension files to other locations if you need to backup your data in a secondary location or if you need to access the preinstalled whiteboard software in future.

While Webwhiteboard does not yet come fully-featured like other software packages for the whiteboard, it offers peace of mind and simplicity in usability. You do not have to worry about installing large software, installing license keys, or buttons that stay inactive for basic or free accounts. The minimalistic design offered by the basic interface enables you to avoid distractions and focus on the task at hand.

An independent platform like Webwhiteboard makes sense for institutions that use an assortment of IWB brands in classrooms. It is easier to use such platforms instead of having to switch to different whiteboard software resources for each class where there is a different brand of the whiteboard.

Webwhiteboard is offered as a subscription service, with prices depending on the size of the school. It offers a free, 30-day trial period for users to get a general feel of the product and decide if it will serve their purpose.

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