Using Technology to Boost Learner Confidence

Confidence determines to a large extent if one achieves their goals in life. While this trait may come naturally to some students, the vast majority have to be taught how to be confident. Technology can coax even the shyest students to share their ideas with confidence. Once this skill is mastered by learners in the classroom, it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Below we discuss how interactive whiteboard helps in building learner-confidence.

1. Increases Student Interaction

Learners benefit greatly when they can bounce off their ideas to small groups of other learners before sharing with the rest of the class. The small groups ensure that everyone’s ideas are heard so that shy students do not remain in the background. Interactive whiteboards promote group work by allowing touch by six people simultaneous.

2. Shifts Focus from Presenter to Presentation

Shy students dislike public speaking mostly because the audience eyes are fixated on them the whole time. Interactive whiteboards shift the focus to the presentation. The student shows whatever they are presenting by making changes on the board instead of telling. With time, they will be able to present without the board.


3. Students Brush Up on Notes and Make Corrections before the Lesson

Shy students will normally not speak up if they are not sure of what they are saying. They do not want to be jeered by peers for not knowing something. Notes are saved using this medium after class. Before the next class, they can study up on their own for greater understanding. Students also get the opportunity to correct on their spelling mistakes or grammatical errors before their presentation which boosts their confidence.

4. Shifts Learner Attention to the Lesson

Students with insecurities are always thinking about how others perceive them. When asked a question in the classroom, they may think less of the question and more of their fears. Interactive whiteboards make learning fun and engage the students more. Gradually, a shy student becomes engrossed in the lesson and stops having fears.

Interactive whiteboards not only engage students but also boost their confidence. They do this by allowing shy students to interact with other students, allow them to brush up on notes and shifts focus from them to the lesson.

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