Combine Smartboards, Traditional Resources & Activities Of Daily Living For Successful Home-Schooling

Home-schooling your children is challenging and rewarding. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been home-schooling for many years, it is always a tremendous adventure. A combination of creativity, resourcefulness and knowledge of new technology is needed to successfully home school your children in a way that will keep them engaged and learning and prepare them for life as productive citizens. From the abacus to Smartboards, a wide variety of teaching tools and concepts can be used. In this article, we will share a wealth of information to help …

Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard for Dummies Review

Did you know that there was a ‘Smartboard: interactive whiteboard for Dummies‘ book? You shouldn’t be, really, as the series has tackled a host of eclectic situations and needs over its long career. There’s little wonder the Dummies books are staples of the How-To genre, long enduring in readers’ hearts and minds. How does this latest offering stack up next to other’s in the series?

What is a smartboard anyway?

The latest edition, the 2012 version by Radana Dvorak offers a host of tips alongside a brief explanation and detailed

The Advantages of Interactive Whiteboards

The use of smart interactive whiteboards through classrooms has become a popular trend in recent years. Give there’s sometimes legitimate complaints about them and their ease of use, what is it that keeps drawing educators back to this innovative new technology? Especially when IT budgets in schools are often strapped for cash and the IWB can represent an investment of resources? A host of great learning advantages might be the answer, allowing better communication, furthered collaboration and advantages over the traditional chalk board.

What does an interactive smartboard do?

The smartboard …

Interactive Whiteboards: To Use or Not To Use?

Ah- the interactive smartboard. One of the most potentially useful and one of the most sworn at pieces of technology in the modern classroom. In theory, these useful little gadgets could open up learning in a whole new manner and provide a host of benefits, but in practice they are usually a waste of the stretched school budget that relegate teachers to sliding backwards and forwards trying to solve their issues rather than teaching. So, find more here that should you use an IWB or not? For this purpose you can go …