Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard for Dummies Review

Did you know that there was a ‘Smartboard: interactive whiteboard for Dummies‘ book? You shouldn’t be, really, as the series has tackled a host of eclectic situations and needs over its long career. There’s little wonder the Dummies books are staples of the How-To genre, long enduring in readers’ hearts and minds. How does this latest offering stack up next to other’s in the series?

What is a smartboard anyway?

The latest edition, the 2012 version by Radana Dvorak offers a host of tips alongside a brief explanation and detailed information of what a smartboard actually is. For those of you who haven’t interacted with these nifty pieces of new technology yet, the smart interactive whiteboard, to give it its proper name, is capable of playing videos and other sorts of media not traditionally accessible on a whiteboard. Additionally, you can use the other features of the board to draw over and point out sections on the board while the projection runs. In theory, it’s a powerful tool in the right hands, and is frequently being suggested as a great aide for classrooms and lecture halls everywhere.

Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard for Dummies Review

About the ‘Dummies’ book.

However, general experience suggests that the interactive smartboard is not the most intuitive of devices to use, and we all know how some among us feel about touch screen technology in general! Even the book itself needs to devote a whole chapter to the required hardware niceties for the smartboard technology, including how to pick and use what connection you opt for. However, there’s little doubt that, as the author guides you through, the ability to save and use what is written on the white board with the help of digital interaction is a strong one. You can even access the internet through the smart interactive whiteboard.

In depth How Tos.

SmartBoard: Interactive Whiteboard for Dummies attempts to address the issues many people have with the non-intuitive operation of the smartboard by guiding you step by step though the process. Many will particularly appreciate the added guidance through the use of the smartpen- a device which has frustrated more than one user over its lifetime. It also assists you with installing and using the Bridgit meeting and SMART Meeting Pro pieces of software. There’s even links to a ton of useful and free tutorial content for you.

Importantly, the book also focuses on how to bring the often touted potentials of the smart board to life in the classroom setting. It even devotes some time to the differences between the various models, how to identify yours, and what features are specific to each. There’s even a troubleshooting guide for some of the most commonly encountered issues with the technology.

Overall impressions

Processes are explained with screen shots and graphics to facilitate easy learning and help you follow processes step by step. There’s support offered for Linux users as well as Windows and Mac support.

Overall, the Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard for Dummies books gives a great overview of coming to grips with this often lamented piece of technology, you can also read some advantages of smartboards here: and as with most of the guides in the series provides and interesting introduction to sing the technology as well as clear and concise methodology for operation- it’s a good buy and not to be missed by anyone looking for an easy guide to their smartboard.


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