Relation between the Use of Interactive Smartboard and Student Motivation

It’s not uncommon to find a student dosing off in class because of their fleeting attention spans and lack of interest in the subject being taught in class. Teachers now face an enormous challenge of holding the attention of the students because, in the era of rapidly evolving technology, just word of mouth way of teaching is falling short of its purpose. An excellent way to engage students in the classroom without having to scream one’s lungs out is by using technology that can bring the lessons to life.

A revolutionary device that is slowly finding its place in classrooms around the world is the interactive smartboard. These audiovisual devices are made of technology that powers smartphones and computers of the 21st century and has been proven to be useful in making a mark in the child’s memory by numerous surveys.

1. Better Motivation Through Visuals

When the information is brought to life through audio and video, students have better motivation to learn because it puts the element of fun in learning. An interactive smartboard is very easy to operate and is bound to attract the attention of pupils who are tech savvy (which means almost everyone). They also improve the capacity of learning even among under-performing students as the technology is intriguing enough to appeal to their merit.

The reason a projector screen or a chalkboard does not suffice in this day and age is that it lacks the all-important ingredient that is necessary to attract attention and get the students involved on a greater level.

Students want more involvement in the lessons in ways that don’t involve just repeating after the teachers are writing in their sheets; they want audiovisual interaction that can truly inspire them to work harder.


2. Importance of Interactive Smartboard Visuals

Science has proved time and again that the human mind can retain more information when presented through visuals than just ordinary text. An interactive smartboard provides the opportunity to access thousands of images via the Internet as well as other useful information in just a few clicks.

There is also smartphone and tablet connectivity that gives instant Wi-Fi access, which makes using the Internet from the interactive device even more convenient. Since most students of this generation bring their personal device along with them, hooking it up with interactive smartboard makes them feel familiar with the functions and utilize the available data available on their smartphones.

This revolutionary device has distinct advantages that should be used by the teachers to offer better education to the students.

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