What Is Jolly Phonics For Digitales Whiteboards?

Jolly Phonics is an excellent teaching tool that can benefit your entire class. This cutting edge technology will support you in delivering enjoyable and interesting lessons filled with stimulating educational activities. You will have everything you need for active, engaging education literally at your fingertips.
What Does Jolly Phonics Include?

Jolly Phonics is a multi-media software program that provides for interactive digitales whiteboard lessons that include text, animation and audio in the form of Jolly Songs and Jolly Jingles. This program is excellent for kindergarten and first grade students (ages 4-6).

You’ll be happy to know that you can use this software with a wide variety of digitales whiteboards. Additionally, the software can be used with either Mac or PC. Be sure to read the product information before purchasing to be absolutely certain that your system is compatible.

When you do purchase, you can enjoy complete access to a full year of teaching using Jolly Phonics. You will get well structured daily lessons which provide generous amounts of practice in writing, spelling and blending and notes for your own reference. You will also be able to draw on a vast collection of games, templates and worksheets to use as classroom reinforcement and to assign as homework.


You can use the materials as full class lessons or for focused, one-on-one tutoring.

Step 1 The Daily Flipchart–A Breeze
Use the handy daily flipchart function to introduce and practice letters and their sounds. In addition to teaching the sound of the day, the program will review sounds and letters taught previously. This helps reinforce learning and provides differentiation between sounds. This is an excellent function when teaching children to blend sounds to create words. When you have completed all of step one, your students should be familiar with all forty-two of the main letter sounds. They should also have a good grasp of some simple, two and three letter words.

Step 2 Reinforces Previous Lessons & Builds On Them
In the second step of the Jolly Phonics program, twelve weekly units provide students with a daily review of lessons learned in Step 1. This is followed up with consolidation of that knowledge and the introduction of more challenging words. Additionally, you can introduce alternate vowel sounds and deeper work on the entire alphabet.

Step 3 Builds On Knowledge & Introduces Deeper Comprehension
In Step 3, twelve more weekly units support students in consolidating and applying the information they have learned in the first two steps. Additionally, the concepts of long and short vowel sounds and spelling patterns are introduced. Vocabulary building continues as more “tricky” are added to the mix.

It’s easy to see that Jolly Phonics provides an excellent collection of well-organized resources that will help you make the most of your digitales whiteboard. The program adds fun and excitement to learning essential language and literacy basics.

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