How Interactive Whiteboard Works and Can Be Used in Teaching

The interactive whiteboard rapidly got famous over the past few years. The reason is, it has given birth to the new possibilities that were unimaginable before. More and more schools and educational institutions are adopting them due to the various functionalities they provide for improving the quality of education.

The interactive whiteboard is a device that is similar to the dry erase whiteboard but is a far better alternative to it. It has a large screen that is touch sensitive. Also, the user can use electronic pen or marker in place of the finger. Using the electronic pen or the finger, the user can write, draw and highlight the text on the screen. Also, it can be used to change the slides in the presentations.

Not only this, it can be connected to the internet and to the other devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. This makes it possible to do a lot of activities that make the classroom learning more effective and interesting. Just like the normal dry-erase whiteboard, it can be mounted on a wall or a stand according to the requirement


In the classroom, the interactive whiteboard can be used to organize various learning activities. For instance, the teacher can show pictures as hints and the first or last letters of the word. The students have to guess the correct word. The human brain is able to memorize better when it associates the meaning with the images. Such exercises are especially helpful in building vocabulary.

Students can also interact with the content on the screen by using their tablets. They can highlight the specific phrases or words in the text and discuss their meanings with the rest of the class including the teacher.

The teacher can create interesting and engaging presentations about the lessons by including colorful images, graphics, charts, and videos. Such presentations give a far better understanding of the lesson than the traditional text-only presentations. Students can also be encouraged to make their own presentations in their own way and present them in the class. This will not only give them the chance to express their creativity but also improve their presentation and speaking skills.

In case any student wants to ask a question or give an answer he can just tab on his tablet and record his question/answer and it will be visible on the interactive whiteboard for everyone to see. This will also encourage other students to participate in the discussion.

Apart from this, as the interactive whiteboard is connected to the internet the class has access to the vast amount of educational resources available online. This helps to include any kind of video or image in the lesson presentation within seconds.

Devices like the interactive whiteboard have revolutionized the modern education systems. They not only make the teaching easier for the teacher but also improve the level of understanding and interest in the students. As a result, the quality of the education has improved in numerous ways in recent years.

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