How Interactive Smartboard Is Influencing Education At Global Level

Whenever a new technology is invented, it finds a wide range of applications in real life, resulting in a complete transformation from the old to the new. Interactive smartboard is an invention that has influenced the education sector at the global level by varying degrees. Developed countries are quick to adapt to the new technologies. However, such an effect of technology in developing countries is interesting to study. Here are the ways how education is being transformed.

1. A Leap Into The Future

An interactive smartboard in the classroom helps both the teacher and the students to be acquainted with the latest technology. As it is obvious that the growing technology will continue to transform the world in multiple ways, it is important to take the first step today to adapt to the changing world.
On the other hand, the students who don’t get the opportunity of getting the access to the latest technology are at the risk of lagging behind. This is increasing the education quality gap among the poor and privileged children.

2. Improved Standard Of Education

The interactive smartboard has made it easier for the teacher to deliver the lesson in more interesting and understandable manner. At the same time, the students are also more receptive to such mode of instruction, thereby helping them to perform better.

As a result, not only the teacher-student communication is improved, but also, the standard of education is getting better. Apart from this, the students learning is no more limited to the textbooks. They have access to the global educational resources via the internet and can also interact and work with the instructors, experts, and students from other countries.

3. Higher Cost

In order to upgrade the whole institution with the smart devices, a lot of investment is required. For developed countries it is not a big problem, however, in developing countries, not all schools can afford it. The expenditure doesn’t end here. The equipment consumes power and has maintenance costs.
Not only this, the teachers need to be given formal training to use the technology which also requires funding. But once all of it is done, the school attracts more students and gains reputation of being a smart school.

Every coin has two sides, so do the influence of interactive smartboard on education at the global level. In order to make progress, it is important to take care of the possible drawbacks. However, the technology is becoming more affordable and accessible, thereby resulting in an overall positive transformation.

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