How Google Chrome can Help Students

There was a time when web browsers were only good for wasting time. Today, they can help you to be a more productive student! With lots of productivity and collaboration apps available for free in the Chrome Web Store, you’ll be able to improve your efficiency and enjoy more spare time. Here are some top picks.

Being Organized
Most of the panic and confusion that can overwhelm students as deadlines approach can be avoided by being organized. These apps help:

Evernote has a fanatical following. Devotees praise it as the most important personal productivity tool ever. This may seem a little strange to the newcomer. After all, it’s just a note taking app. However, with all the extra features and a flexible approach, it lends itself very well to many different productivity systems. It’s easy to install and play around with, and you will find some great uses for it as a study tool and also to organize your life!

Sunrise Calendar
Everyone wants a slice of your time, and it can be hard to keep track of all your commitments. Of course, this isn’t a new problem. Calendars are older than computers by centuries. There are lots of basic calendar apps out there. But Sunrise Calendar makes it easy to combine information from many sources, so you can stay on top of things without opening dozens of windows.
Even the humble to-do list benefits from the app treatment! Calendar apps are essential for tracking big targets, but to get these targets done, you will need to manage a lot of smaller tasks. This is where is especially useful.

Sharing Data
Ever since the earliest days of collaboration, there has been room for improvement. Actually, using the apps mentioned above can help you to work better as a team – handling deadlines and tasks, and sharing important notes. But that still leaves the problem of how to share documents. When two students work together on the same document, tracking changes and keeping in-sync can be difficult. Collaboration tools have been developed to help with this.


While there are plenty of other apps to tackle the problem of synchronization, many of them tend to overcomplicate it. Google Drive keeps it simple and adds cloud storage to the mix. It’s an indispensable tool that many businesses and individuals rely on daily, and it integrates into Google Chrome seamlessly.

Study Tools
While Evernote is great for tracking notes and sources of information, it’s not optimized for committing information to memory. Rather, it’s a sort of extension of your memory – it remembers things so you don’t have to. But as a student, there are some facts that you will need to memorize. For this purpose, I recommend StudyStack.

StudyStack combines a suite of tools such as flashcards and crosswords, to aid you in the task of memorizing important facts and figures. You can use it to make your own cards and activities, and you can also access materials shared by the community.

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