How To Give Great PowerPoint Presentations With Your Interactive Display: Part 2

Both PowerPoint and your Interactive Display have some extremely impressive functions. When you combine the two, you can create some truly dazzling interactive presentations. Some of the things you can do with PowerPoint and your interactive display are dead simple. Others present a bit of a learning curve and will take some practice. Just keep in mind that even the simplest of effects can be very impressive. You don’t need to use everything you’ve got on every presentation! In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Use your powerful tools judiciously for best results. There is so much to learn with this cutting edge technology that you can count on expanding your knowledge and improving your presentations on a regular, ongoing basis for a very long time to come.


Add Emphasis With PowerPoint Animations & Interactive Display Functions
You can also use animations to create “Emphasis”. Open the Animations Menu and try clicking on the Add Animations button. You’ll see a new set of choices that includes:
… and more.

When you click on these choices, you can make your images larger or smaller, add a rocking effect or a wave sensation. Other choices provide a vast array of effects. Explore these to see what sort of effect they will have on your images. Experiment with tweaking your animations to get just the effect you desire.

During your presentation, you can highlight and emphasize points and aspects of images with the simple use of your pen or fingertip. Circle important points, draw arrows and so on. You can erase your highlighting with the touch of a finger, or you can save it to be used again on your next presentation.

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Present Clear Information On Functional Excel Worksheets
For clarity of information, you can embed a working Excel worksheet into your PowerPoint presentation. It’s easy to do this within the PowerPoint program. You just click on the “Insert Menu“. From there, have a look at the menu ribbon and choose “Object“. At this point you can either click on “Create from File” or “Create New” and choose “Excel Worksheet” from the resulting menu. Don’t make the mistake of creating a worksheet that is too large to be functional. Instead, insert or create a smaller worksheet that you can navigate and use easily.

Free PowerPoint Templates Are Fun, Easy & Effective To Use
To add even more variety to your PowerPoint presentations with your interactive display you can take advantage of the many free templates that are available online. There are so many really excellent free templates available for use with PowerPoint that you are sure to find exactly what you want. In fact, there may be so many that you will have a difficult time sorting through them all! If you really are unable to find just what you want for free, there are also many templates for sale.

These are just a few of the many exciting presentation opportunities available to combine your Interactive Display with PowerPoint capability. Both are such remarkably powerful communication tools with so much capability that you are sure to continue uncovering new possibilities the more you work with them. One of the best things about this dynamic duo is the fact that your own creativity can act as a unique driving force in discovering and creating excellent presentation methods.

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