How To Give Great PowerPoint Presentations With Your Interactive Display: Part 1

In the wrong hands, PowerPoint can be a very terrible thing indeed. Many presenters simply do not have the presentation skills or the common sense necessary to deliver a good presentation even with top-of-the-line technology. It goes without saying that no matter what sort of technical backup you have, if you choose to speak in a monotonous tone of voice and show boring slides your audience will be less than thrilled. In this article, we will discuss ways that you can really bring PowerPoint to life by combining your PowerPoint presentations with the multimedia, online capability of your Interactive display.

powerpoint2013iconLiven Up Your Presentations With Smart Animation Tools

Animation is a great way to bring life to your presentation. With PowerPoint, you can add animation to your slides by simply clicking on the slide you wish to animate and then clicking on the Animations Menu. You’ll get a list of menu options such as:
Fly in

Take a few moments to explore these and just figure out what each one does! You’ll also see an “Effect Options” menu of controls on the right-hand side of the animation window. You can adjust and control your animations using the choices found in this menu.

Be sure to play around with animations to your heart’s content while you’re on your own. That way you can figure out what everything does and satisfy your curiosity. This will help you to avoid overwhelming your audience with overabundant animations during your presentation!

Motion Path Gives Your Animated Presentations Direction
Of the many animations available with PowerPoint, one of the most flexible is the Motion Path. Using this option, you can move objects across your screen and make adjustments to their path as they move along. You will see an “Add Animations” button on the Animations Menu. When you click on this, you’ll see a new menu with offerings such as:
Motion Paths

These are just a few of the choices. As you scroll down the menu you will see “More Motion Paths”. Click on this and you will find a vast selection of paths that are preconfigured. These have names such as “Teardrop” and “Four Point Star”.

You can use these choices for a number of fun and interesting animation effects. For example, you can set up a “Follow the Bouncing Ball” effect. If you remember the early days of “talking pictures“, you’ll recall that following the bouncing ball to sing along with popular song lyrics at the “picture show” was always a lot of fun. If you’re not quite that old, you may recall having done this with old cartoons on TV. Now you can revive this happy practice by adding a follow the bouncing ball effect to your PowerPoint presentation on your interactive display. You can easily use this technique to liven up video presentations and make music videos.

Video Opportunities Bring Your Presentations To Life
Adding YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentations is amazingly easy. All you do is locate the video you want (a super simple task with the help of your Internet connected interactive display)! Next just follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the link to Share
2. Click to Embed
3. Copy the Embed Code.

Switch back to PowerPoint and click on the Insert Menu.
1. Select Video
2. Choose Video from Website
3. Paste your Embed Code for the YouTube video of your choosing.

In our next interactive display/PowerPoint installment, we will discuss a few very simple functions you can use to add real interest to your presentations. Find out how animation, special effects, templates and Excel worksheets can help you get your point across clearly and effectively.

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