Why Have Electronic Whiteboards Gained Such Prominence in Classrooms?

The use of interactive technology has flourished in the 21st century and put an end to many doubts and apprehensions to emerge as a winning solution. This technology has perhaps made the most significant impact on education and teaching methods by offering more flexibility as well as better results.

The use of electronic whiteboards has become popular for a myriad of reasons that go far beyond catchy visuals and user-friendly interface. Students of all ages love it, and teachers find it more useful because of the reasons mentioned below.

1. It makes organizing lessons easy: The days of arranging notes and having a meticulous plan ready to execute in class are long gone. Electronic whiteboards allow the teachers to utilize a remarkable planning tool to lay out their lessons in a way that no part of it goes missing.

They can quickly access websites, display different pictures and videos, and summarize lessons better for the benefit of the entire classroom. There is no delay in finding information, and the lessons can be broken up into multiple activities, spanning over a period of time to make the learning process enjoyable.


2. Better interaction with students: Use of electronic whiteboards simplify many complex tasks and make learning easier for the students. Now, students can discuss and solve different problems in a classroom setting by involving interactive activity with the teacher’s aid. In this way, class participation as well as motivation to learn will be at an all-time high.

3. Younger pupils love electronic whiteboards: It has been proven that images are better than words when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on our minds. Younger students love using an electronic whiteboard because they see it as a tool that can entertain. As a result, they show more enthusiasm to use such a device.

4. Seamless integration with other peripherals: Similar to video projectors, electronic whiteboards are now becoming an essential element inside of the classroom due to its ability to utilize many peripheral technologies. Be it viewing a student’s writing or provide audio cues for better communication, the list of potential uses for electronic whiteboards are endless.

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