Electronic Whiteboard As An Interactive Education Solution

The quality of education very much determines the potential for further development of the country. It is high time improving the quality of education demands, overcoming the barriers and hindrances, in achieving the desired goals, and also searching for the new and better ways of doing things.

The conventional education system, though effective in various ways, suffers from some serious drawbacks. As a result, the desired results are not obtained.

However, the advances in the modern technology offer possibilities to overcome the challenges of the traditional system. An electronic whiteboard is a device that has emerged as an interactive education solution. It has made the idea of the smart classroom possible which is now being adopted worldwide.

The smart classroom aims at improving teaching as well as learning and also the teacher-student communication. A smart classroom is equipped with the electronic whiteboard, high-quality audio system and access to the internet.

The teacher can make interesting and engaging lesson presentations by including suitable images, videos, and animations. Students are able to learn better with such presentations as compared to the traditional method of using chalk and board.

Each student is given a tablet using which he/she can interact with the information being displayed on the electronic whiteboard. Various group activities and games can also be organized that make learning, even more, fun. This helps the students to develop teamwork skills apart from the enhanced learning. Shy and introvert students who otherwise hesitate to express themselves, find it easier to take part in the classroom activities.

Apart from this, the learning is no longer limited to the physical boundaries of the classroom. Students can also learn at their homes at any time according to their comfort and wish. This is especially helpful in cases when some student is not able to attend the regular classes, he/she can, later on, revisit the lesson presentation sent by the teacher.

The other major benefit of the smart classroom is that the students can take benefit from the lectures from experts throughout the world through the video conferencing. This can be especially helpful in the areas where there are not enough teachers.

The benefits of the interactive classroom solution and smart classroom methodology are many. However, there are still some challenges that are to be overcome before implementing them at the global scale. Affordability and acquaintance with the technology are still a major problem in many parts of the world. However, continuous efforts are being made to overcome these problems and improve the education system at the global level.

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