Bookmarking Tools for Students

With different curricula emphasizing independent web-based research and collaboration, online bookmarking tools can help students to keep track of references. There is a variety of different sites that provide this functionality, and they all have their own pros and cons.

By far the most powerful tool is Evernote – it’s a highly flexible note-taking app that allows students to create their own ad-hoc systems. It includes bookmarking and clipping functions, and it integrates into most web browsers and smartphones. It’s possible to interlink notes with a wiki-like structure. Students can search and add tags, too. But with all this functionality, it can sometimes feel like overkill.

Diigo, on the other hand, is a dedicated bookmarking system, pure and simple. It lets you set up groups and share bookmarks with collaborators. You can also highlight text and clip it, to make it simpler to understand the clip at a glance.
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Delicious is one of the original bookmarking services, and it has a very strong community. That means that it’s a great place to discover new content, as well as a way for students to organize their own bookmarks. Users can decide who they share content with, so you won’t have to make everything public if you don’t want to. Delicious also has the benefit of being very simple.
Delicious.svgEduClipper is a site made with education in mind. It has features which are intended to support educational objectives and an education-focused community. You can search through content that the community has already bookmarked, which makes this a great place to discover new educational resources.

Pinterest is an interesting choice that may be appropriate for some projects. It can be used to bookmark web pages, and it uses one of the images from the page to represent the page.
It’s actually intended as an image sharing platform, but it can be made to work for your purpose. It also has the added advantage of being cool and trendy, so if you’re looking for a way to increase engagement and leverage your student’s existing skills, this could be it.

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