3 Innovative Strategies For Teachers To Use Digitale Whiteboard

There is no doubt that digitale whiteboard has completely changed the classroom learning. However, the technological development of any use only if the teachers use it to make the teaching more effective, instead of using it only to make their routine tasks easier. With that in mind, here are a few innovative strategies the teachers can use to get the best out of the technology.

1. Give Tablets To Students Connected To Digitale Whiteboard
The best education is that in which teachers and students work in collaboration. In a digitale whiteboard system, …

What Is Jolly Phonics For Digitales Whiteboards?

Jolly Phonics is an excellent teaching tool that can benefit your entire class. This cutting edge technology will support you in delivering enjoyable and interesting lessons filled with stimulating educational activities. You will have everything you need for active, engaging education literally at your fingertips.
What Does Jolly Phonics Include?

Jolly Phonics is a multi-media software program that provides for interactive digitales whiteboard lessons that include text, animation and audio in the form of Jolly Songs and Jolly Jingles. This program is excellent for kindergarten and first grade students (ages 4-6).

You’ll …

6 Important Interactive Board Features

Interactive boards have made a big splash in the world of education. This splash has been felt at all levels, from primary school to University. Many countries have fully integrated interactive boards into every classroom, and those who haven’t are rushing to catch up.

An interactive board is a considerable investment. If you don’t know how to use its features well, that money will be wasted. Fortunately, interactive boards are easy to use.
board 502Gaining some familiarity with the available features will help you to make the best choice when you start shopping …

Popular IWB Input Technologies

There is a variety of different input technologies for IWBs. Choosing between them can be difficult – they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the decision will depend on your own requirements and the challenges of your teaching environment.


Resistive Touch Based IWBs
This type of board registers pressure against the screen. This means you can use a stylus or a finger, but you should not use a sharp instrument which could scratch the surface.

The board’s surface deforms slightly under pressure, which closes an electrical circuit. …

Digitizing Your Own Lesson Resources With An Interactive Board

During your career, you have probably written and rewritten the same information hundreds or thousands of times over. The same is true of diagrams, graphs, and charts. And when you have copied your materials, you have probably used a photocopier for the task. In the digital age, this is a massive waste of effort.

Producing your own digital materials is extremely useful and labor saving. And it’s much easier than you may think. Here are some of the benefits:
1. It allows you to produce a bank of materials you can reuse …

Bookmarking Tools for Students

With different curricula emphasizing independent web-based research and collaboration, online bookmarking tools can help students to keep track of references. There is a variety of different sites that provide this functionality, and they all have their own pros and cons.

By far the most powerful tool is Evernote – it’s a highly flexible note-taking app that allows students to create their own ad-hoc systems. It includes bookmarking and clipping functions, and it integrates into most web browsers and smartphones. It’s possible to interlink notes with a wiki-like structure. Students can search and …

3 Reasons Why Interactive Whiteboards(IWBs) Are Better Than Traditional Blackboards For Education

Throughout the world, more and more classrooms are leaving old-fashioned blackboard traditions behind and picking up the new and exciting technology of interactive whiteboards (IWBs). Even at a glance, it is obvious that the use of IWBs in the classroom opens up a whole new world of possibilities. That’s why it is so surprising that there are still any classrooms that choose to use blackboards over IWBs. In this article, we will compare and contrast IWBs and traditional blackboards in hopes of winning over blackboard traditionalists.


1. Images Bring Lessons

How Google Chrome can Help Students

There was a time when web browsers were only good for wasting time. Today, they can help you to be a more productive student! With lots of productivity and collaboration apps available for free in the Chrome Web Store, you’ll be able to improve your efficiency and enjoy more spare time. Here are some top picks.

Being Organized
Most of the panic and confusion that can overwhelm students as deadlines approach can be avoided by being organized. These apps help:

Evernote has a fanatical following. Devotees praise it as the most …

Webwhiteboard: An Independent Software Platform for your Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard (IWB) is quickly changing the education landscape in schools and other institutions of learning. With different tools and resources under regular development for the IWB, learning has never been better.

Webwhiteboard is one of the most useful resources for the interactive whiteboard that provides an online software platform for your whiteboard straight from the web browser. The website runs on any IWB, irrespective of the brand as long as the board is connected to the internet. The application is not installed on any of your devices and hosts …

How To Give Great PowerPoint Presentations With Your Interactive Display: Part 2

Both PowerPoint and your Interactive Display have some extremely impressive functions. When you combine the two, you can create some truly dazzling interactive presentations. Some of the things you can do with PowerPoint and your interactive display are dead simple. Others present a bit of a learning curve and will take some practice. Just keep in mind that even the simplest of effects can be very impressive. You don’t need to use everything you’ve got on every presentation! In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Use your powerful tools judiciously for best …