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Many parents have noticed that school has become very complicated. Measurements and test scores seem to be overpowering the natural flow of true education. School days have grown longer, and tests have become high-stakes, high-pressure events.

This isn’t what we want for our children! A child’s education should not be focused only on how to make a living. A child’s education needs to take a broad, holistic view on helping to create a life. Children have so much natural curiosity and energy to pursue the things that interest them. That is something to celebrate and nourish. How can we take back the years when our children get to focus on learning? Can we make this simpler?

Homeschooling can be a great opportunity for families to intentionally create an environment where their children can learn to make a life. We can organize education for our children in a way that draws out their strengths, builds into their weaknesses, and helps them create a life that is meaningful.

The Scientific Homeschool community is designed to support you in educating your children. The writers who contribute to Scientific Homeschool have different experiences, varied expertise, and one goal. We all want to do what is best for our children.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or have years of experience, we hope that this community will nurture your confidence and creativity to teach your children. We are here to walk alongside you to create educational opportunities that are just right for your kids and not too complicated for anyone. Let’s simplify things and focus on creating a life.

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