5 Precautions When Using Interactive Whiteboard In Classroom

With the advancement in technology, numerous innovative devices are being introduced that are making our lives easier. However, along with benefits, there also come disadvantages, for any technological device. Therefore it is important to take precautions while using them in order to avoid possible harm or demerits. An interactive whiteboard is one such device that is rapidly becoming popular not only in education but also in other areas. As the use of such devices increases, it is crucial to be aware of the safety measures, that one should take when using it.

1. Careful Installation

Installation of the device and its components should always be performed by a professional. Also, it is important not to leave any loose wires or uncovered parts. Connections with the power should be double checked to ensure complete safety.

2. Proper Positioning

The position of the interactive whiteboard and the projector is a key precaution when using it in the classroom. Its position should not be directly opposite to the windows. It should be mounted at a place with moderate lightning. Also, the height of the whiteboard should be adjusted so that strain in the neck is not caused.


3. Avoid Exposure To Eyes

The teacher should avoid looking into the projector beam directly. It can cause damage to the eyes. Apart from this, standing in the beam even though not looking at it, should be avoided. Therefore, it is advisable that the teacher should step away from the beam while looking at the students, and use the electronic pen to control the device from a distance. Also, the brightness of the device should be adequate to avoid strain on the eyes of the students.

4. Follow Safety Instructions Of The Device

A safety instructions manual always comes with the device. It mentions the precautions and the guidelines for using the device. The users should ensure that they read and understand all the information mentioned in that manual and follow them.

5. Make The Students Aware

The teacher’s job doesn’t end by using the device safely himself. He/she should also educate the students about the precautions and the safety measures when using the interactive whiteboard. This will help them in situations when they are giving presentations or participating in group activities.

The possibility of risk increases with the increased use of any electronic device. The best way to minimize such risks is to follow the precautions. The tips mentioned above are very helpful and followed worldwide while using the interactive whiteboard.

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