4 Innovative Strategies For Students To Use Digitale Whiteboard

Education is a cooperative process between the teacher and the student. Therefore, the participation of both of them is necessary for getting the desired results. Digitale whiteboard has improved the classroom learning in numerous ways. However, it is not the duty of the teachers alone to use it to improve their teaching. Students should also use effective strategies to accelerate their learning with the help of this technology.

Here are four tips for the students who are fortunate enough to study in a school having digitale whiteboards.

1. Generate And Discuss Open Ended Questions
Students as a group can take their collective learning to a next level with the help of digitale whiteboard in ways which were not feasible earlier. They can generate open-ended questions and discuss them with their teacher. For this purpose, they can take surveys among themselves and then, each one of them can express his/her views on the subject. This way, it is possible to come up with improved solutions and theories on a collective basis which can’t be done on an individual level. Group thinking thus involved promotes higher order thinking.

2. Learn From Tutorials Created By Teachers
With the help of digitale whiteboards, it is now easier for the teacher to record lessons and post them as tutorials. Students can learn them any time according to their convenience. They can also take the help from their parents and friends.

Apart from the learning, they can add their individual suggestions and ideas to the tutorials. This can help the students who could not learn the lesson in the classroom the first time. It is often easier to understand a concept when learned through different perspectives. Therefore, they can look through the tutorial for the same lesson with added inputs from other students who have already learned it.

3. Use Lesson Libraries
Teachers from different schools upload their lessons to common libraries that are accessible to everyone connected with the digitale whiteboard. Students can regularly visit them and learn the same lesson by different teachers in other schools to get a clearer understanding of the concepts. Not only this, they can also get an overview beforehand of the lesson yet to be taught in the classroom.

4. Share The Best Practices With Each Other
Digitale whiteboard can be used in various innovative ways by an individual that others may not know. Therefore, it is necessary for each student to share the best practices he/she has learned with the fellow classmates and learn theirs as well. With the different ways available for using the technology, one can use it the way that suits him/her the best.

The strategies mentioned above can even make the learning easier for the students who have been considered weaker. It is suggested that students should take the initiatives on their own to take the benefit of the facilities like digitale whiteboard available to them.

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