3 Innovative Strategies For Teachers To Use Digitale Whiteboard

There is no doubt that digitale whiteboard has completely changed the classroom learning. However, the technological development of any use only if the teachers use it to make the teaching more effective, instead of using it only to make their routine tasks easier. With that in mind, here are a few innovative strategies the teachers can use to get the best out of the technology.

1. Give Tablets To Students Connected To Digitale Whiteboard
The best education is that in which teachers and students work in collaboration. In a digitale whiteboard system, tablets are available that are connected to it. Using them, the digitale whiteboard can be controlled by everyone in the classroom. Teachers can give these tablets to each student in the classroom and ask them to solve a common problem using their own individual methods. However, each student can see on the digitale whiteboard, what others are doing and, therefore, can help them to find better solutions. Apart from the better understanding of the lessons that the students get, they also develop teamwork skills.

2. Encourage Students To Go Beyond Traditional Presentations
Teachers should encourage students to think out of the box while making their presentations. With the help of digitale whiteboard, they can make their presentations more compelling with the use of videos, graphics, and images. When the student prepares the presentations in creative ways, he/she develops not only the interest in the topic but also a deeper understanding of it. And when he/she presents it, others can comprehend it far better than the traditional text-based presentations. This way, teachers can help students to develop their creativity skills which are otherwise difficult to teach.
3. Take Suggestions From Students
Students receive the education so they can best tell whether the strategies used by the teacher are effective or not. Therefore, taking their feedback is very essential. Teachers should discuss with them, the methods to improve the use of digitale whiteboard in the classroom. It is also important to ask for their suggestions. Very often, the students come up with innovative ideas that were not thought of before. Taking their feedback will not only motivate them but also develop their thinking abilities. Using the feedback, teachers can implement their suggestions to improve their teaching and cater to their needs in better ways.

The strategies described in this article are effective, but teachers can also devise their own by discussing with each other, regarding how they can improve their classroom teaching using the digitale whiteboard. After that, they can implement what they come up with, according to their needs.

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