How Interactive Smartboard Is Influencing Education At Global Level

Whenever a new technology is invented, it finds a wide range of applications in real life, resulting in a complete transformation from the old to the new. Interactive smartboard is an invention that has influenced the education sector at the global level by varying degrees. Developed countries are quick to adapt to the new technologies. However, such an effect of technology in developing countries is interesting to study. Here are the ways how education is being transformed.

1. A Leap Into The Future

An interactive smartboard in the classroom helps both the …

5 Precautions When Using Interactive Whiteboard In Classroom

With the advancement in technology, numerous innovative devices are being introduced that are making our lives easier. However, along with benefits, there also come disadvantages, for any technological device. Therefore it is important to take precautions while using them in order to avoid possible harm or demerits. An interactive whiteboard is one such device that is rapidly becoming popular not only in education but also in other areas. As the use of such devices increases, it is crucial to be aware of the safety measures, that one should take when using it.…

Positive Impact of Interactive Education Technology in Classroom

Technology has changed how we experience life in the contemporary society that we live in. More than three quarters of adults in America own and use cell phones, close to half own a tablet and or an e-reader. This clearly shows that technology is fast taking center stage in our lives.

This is true even in the education sector. The classroom experience has greatly been impacted by interactive education technology. Teaching and learning has become much easier with the right use of the technology. Here are some of the ways in which …

Why Should You Upgrade Your Boardroom with Interactive Flat Panel?

Finally, it’s time for that big meeting that can make or break the deal. You’ve arranged everything to utter perfection. You’re all ready to rock the conference room but there is one problem: your office boardroom is about as interesting as a grandma’s refrigerator. How many times have you caught someone literally fallen asleep during the conference or someone was dozing off until you pointed out a question directly to him?

It could be because of the outdated technology in your boardroom that is making it more of a bored-room. Here are …

How an Interactive Display Can Foster an Effective School Environment

Interactive displays have been transforming the learning experience for the better part of the last decade. They enable learners to better grasp concepts by improving communication between the learners and their instructors. This post examines some of the specific ways these interactive displays can be used to improve efficacy within schools.

1. Improved Student Satisfaction

It is almost impossible to come across a kid who hasn’t been exposed to technology in one form or another. Technology has transcended all levels of society, and it isn’t uncommon to find kids with one or …

Using Technology to Boost Learner Confidence

Confidence determines to a large extent if one achieves their goals in life. While this trait may come naturally to some students, the vast majority have to be taught how to be confident. Technology can coax even the shyest students to share their ideas with confidence. Once this skill is mastered by learners in the classroom, it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Below we discuss how interactive whiteboard helps in building learner-confidence.

1. Increases Student Interaction

Learners benefit greatly when they can bounce off their ideas to …

Here Are the Best Ways to Train Teachers on Using Interactive Flat Panel

Contrary to what most people think, it is not advisable to fit an interactive flat panel in a classroom without first sensitizing or training the users – who in this case are the teachers and the instructors. In this case, the parties who will be responsible for the utilization of these flat panels ought to have a deep understanding and a decent enough knowledge on how to best integrate this technology into the classroom environment. And given that interactive flat panels are built to be used in almost the same way that …

How The Interactive Classroom Is Changing the Definition of Education

The rapidly evolving education industry has made massive strides over the past couple of years and is completely reinvented how people teach and learn. Gone are the days when teachers would use chalk to draw diagrams on a blackboard and suffocate the entire front row while using the eraser.

In this digital age, the usefulness of electronic notepads, laptops, and smartphones have replaced the traditional teaching tools and thus have ushered into a new era of education.

How can various educational institutions benefit the interactive classroom?

Among some highly valuable tools of …

Electronic Whiteboard As An Interactive Education Solution

The quality of education very much determines the potential for further development of the country. It is high time improving the quality of education demands, overcoming the barriers and hindrances, in achieving the desired goals, and also searching for the new and better ways of doing things.

The conventional education system, though effective in various ways, suffers from some serious drawbacks. As a result, the desired results are not obtained.

However, the advances in the modern technology offer possibilities to overcome the challenges of the traditional system. An electronic whiteboard is a …

Why Have Electronic Whiteboards Gained Such Prominence in Classrooms?

The use of interactive technology has flourished in the 21st century and put an end to many doubts and apprehensions to emerge as a winning solution. This technology has perhaps made the most significant impact on education and teaching methods by offering more flexibility as well as better results.

The use of electronic whiteboards has become popular for a myriad of reasons that go far beyond catchy visuals and user-friendly interface. Students of all ages love it, and teachers find it more useful because of the reasons mentioned below.

1. It makes