Using Technology to Boost Learner Confidence

Confidence determines to a large extent if one achieves their goals in life. While this trait may come naturally to some students, the vast majority have to be taught how to be confident. Technology can coax even the shyest students to share their ideas with confidence. Once this skill is mastered by learners in the classroom, it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Below we discuss how interactive whiteboard helps in building learner-confidence.

1. Increases Student Interaction

Learners benefit greatly when they can bounce off their ideas to …

Here Are the Best Ways to Train Teachers on Using Interactive Flat Panel

Contrary to what most people think, it is not advisable to fit an interactive flat panel in a classroom without first sensitizing or training the users – who in this case are the teachers and the instructors. In this case, the parties who will be responsible for the utilization of these flat panels ought to have a deep understanding and a decent enough knowledge on how to best integrate this technology into the classroom environment. And given that interactive flat panels are built to be used in almost the same way that …

How The Interactive Classroom Is Changing the Definition of Education

The rapidly evolving education industry has made massive strides over the past couple of years and is completely reinvented how people teach and learn. Gone are the days when teachers would use chalk to draw diagrams on a blackboard and suffocate the entire front row while using the eraser.

In this digital age, the usefulness of electronic notepads, laptops, and smartphones have replaced the traditional teaching tools and thus have ushered into a new era of education.

How can various educational institutions benefit the interactive classroom?

Among some highly valuable tools of …

Electronic Whiteboard As An Interactive Education Solution

The quality of education very much determines the potential for further development of the country. It is high time improving the quality of education demands, overcoming the barriers and hindrances, in achieving the desired goals, and also searching for the new and better ways of doing things.

The conventional education system, though effective in various ways, suffers from some serious drawbacks. As a result, the desired results are not obtained.

However, the advances in the modern technology offer possibilities to overcome the challenges of the traditional system. An electronic whiteboard is a …

Why Have Electronic Whiteboards Gained Such Prominence in Classrooms?

The use of interactive technology has flourished in the 21st century and put an end to many doubts and apprehensions to emerge as a winning solution. This technology has perhaps made the most significant impact on education and teaching methods by offering more flexibility as well as better results.

The use of electronic whiteboards has become popular for a myriad of reasons that go far beyond catchy visuals and user-friendly interface. Students of all ages love it, and teachers find it more useful because of the reasons mentioned below.

1. It makes

Top 5 Reasons Why Classrooms Are Shifting to Interactive Smartboard

The term โ€˜interactive smartboardโ€™ has become a buzzword across numerous tech platforms lately. The popularity of interactive smartboards has been on the rise over a few years now, and from the look of things, their use will continue to expand exponentially.

For starters, an interactive smartboard is simply a presentation devices connected to the computer. The computer images are then projected on a board by a projector, where users can see and manipulate them. Users can also add notations, enhance colors or highlight objects using their finger or pen. One …

Five Ways Interactive Education Technology Enhance Learning

In this age of technology, there are no better times to be in a classroom than now. The use of modern devices such as tablets and laptops has revolutionized the way students receive information and communicate with their tutors and study groups. With the introduction of teaching tools such as SlideShare and smart boards, the classroom time has become much easier and fun for instructors and students. Here are the top five reasons why every tutor should use interactive education technology in the classroom.

1. Increases the Studentโ€™s Retention Capacity

Various studies …

Top 5 Benefits of Using Electronic White Board

Presentation tools have increased in popularity for educators and entrepreneurs who want to share their information and ideas to a sizable group of audience. Interactive applications are in high demand for trainers and businesses that want to sprinkle some bits of technology in the teaching and information sharing experience. One such tool that has since outsmarted conventional blackboards is the electronic white board.

In the simplest terms, an electronic white board is a device that combines several IT attributes in offering a shared experience in learning for small or large groups of …

How Interactive Whiteboard Works and Can Be Used in Teaching

The interactive whiteboard rapidly got famous over the past few years. The reason is, it has given birth to the new possibilities that were unimaginable before. More and more schools and educational institutions are adopting them due to the various functionalities they provide for improving the quality of education.

The interactive whiteboard is a device that is similar to the dry erase whiteboard but is a far better alternative to it. It has a large screen that is touch sensitive. Also, the user can use electronic pen or marker in place of …

Relation between the Use of Interactive Smartboard and Student Motivation

It’s not uncommon to find a student dosing off in class because of their fleeting attention spans and lack of interest in the subject being taught in class. Teachers now face an enormous challenge of holding the attention of the students because, in the era of rapidly evolving technology, just word of mouth way of teaching is falling short of its purpose. An excellent way to engage students in the classroom without having to scream one’s lungs out is by using technology that can bring the lessons to life.

A revolutionary device …